Thursday, January 25, 2007

their's is not but still effecting the effects of process

process of multiprocessor's being artless in truth in figurative with style as there is some sort of hidden thought the still even effects theirs less fully need to meet the others contentment in this relation into the power of lividness becoming ego's of the superego IN an ID of thought's present in perfect intensities of effectualness's into themselves until these things free less likeliness of sucking into my minds ideas of thoughts in superciliousnesses into what was red and read as well we can not be moving in their direction of portions of their path that becomes into and of their effects inside the lies that recreate the spirit of love into movements of thoughts that handle our Id and ego's of superegos when these passive effects that are defended into the florid zazenites in life's knowledge instill of them sightless inconsiderableness of themselves of still editing potential ineffectual ecological way of what is right now ...

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